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If you are looking for Bressers telescope or binoculars, Magnify USA has a large selection of Bressers optics for the beginners, amateurs as well as advanced users. We have Bresser telescopes/binoculars for researchers and specialists both. Many generations of amateur astronomers prefer to begin their hobby with classical newtonian reflector such as Bresser Galaxia telescope. These classic telescopes with Newton optical solution usually have diameters of 114mm with focal lengths of 900mm, i.e. a standard telescope for beginners in the field.

With tons of options for telescopes and binoculars out there, it often gets difficult to decide which one is the best for amateur purposes. Well, as a general rule of thumb, Bresser Reflector/Refrector Telescopes with a specific aperture is always the wiser choice in terms of image resolution. Thus, if you are to shop Bresser spotting scope online or Bresser binocular online, we are it!

The quality of your vision is important!
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