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Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific microscopes, telescopes, eyepieces and accessories are ideal for wide-field and lunar astronomical viewing. Explore scientific optic solutions come equipped with easy-to-use manual mounts and adjustable-height tripods to ensure utmost satisfaction and enjoyment for the users. Whether you have a keen interest in viewing the moon, meteor showers, constellations or simply observing the wildlife mysteries, Explore Scientific Optic solutions are the best.

Most Explore Scientific telescope mounts are equipped with locking pan handles which make finding the subjects easier and quicker for the users, and you can also track the movements of the targets easily.

Explore Scientific eyepieces give you an option of magnifications, universal smartphone adapters in order to capture images and videos through scopes, and 90 degree star diagonals that will help set your head in a comfortable position as you point your telescope straight up. With Explore Scientific Optic solutions, you will have a chance to experience adventure, excitement and wonder of scientific explorations. If you have been long considering making astronomy accessible and at the same time enjoyable, Explore Scientific optic solutions can truly give you transformative experience.

Magnify USA, on the other hand, ensures the fastest and safest delivery to your doorstep. Having been around for years, we have learned to value one’s interest in doing something EXCLUSIVE for the greater good of the society or maybe, just to satisfy personal curiosity. Not everybody can gather their confidence and walk the extra miles. Order your telescope now!