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Magnify USA offers telescopes for all levels: Expert, advanced, intermediate and beginner. From the entry level intermediate telescopes from novice astronomers to the advanced refractor telescopes for experts, you will find the best quality telescopes here. Because we directly sell, you can get a tremendous value for a reasonable price. Here to shop professional scientific telescopes for the first time? Magnify USA has a team of highly trained professionals standby to assist you through.

Our heavy-duty telescopes online are known for quality optics for a dear price. We provide you with products for all types of viewing interests, including compact telescopes, astronomical telescopes, birding telescopes, waterproof telescopes and sport and hunting telescopes. Magnify USA, a tried-and-true best telescope store online, offers you telescopes designed to enhance your telescopic experience without having you to break any bank. You can finally be able to expand your viewing enjoyment with our accessories that range from power-boosting lenses to moonfilters to advanced computerized mounts. For wildlife wizards, capturing breathtaking moments will no longer have to wait.

And, if you are planning on stargazing, browse for telescope covers and cases, LED flashlights, observing gears and many more to make your observation meaningful, significant and comfortable. At Magnify USA, we are committed to imparting our knowledge, passion and experience for astrophotography and astronomy with the emerging community of amateurs.

Order now and your order will be delivered fast. Our overenthusiastic team of salespersons makes sure your stargazing be of value and pleasure.
$21,000.00 $19,000.00

TEC APO 180FL F/7 Telescope

$14,000.00 $12,500.00

TEC APO 160FL F/7 Telescope

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